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    • Angelina didn’t have any plastic surgery done. Maybe you should do your research before you make false accusations. Side note: Lina you are so beautiful. ❤

    • First of all, Angelina didn’t go through “multiple surgeries” to achieve her look, she had 2 procedures, her breast for the movie Tom Raider, and last year she had a masectomy and had them removed. And her second procedure was her nose, but it’s nothing big. Her lips always been the same, if you google pictures of her when she was 10, 11 or 12 years old, she had the same lips as of today, even her biological daughters have the same lips. Angelina and Lina are both beautiful women, i just hate that some people ALWAYS criticizes Angelina without knowing a sh*t . Do your research people!

      • I’m afraid you don’t know your shit, Steve. Angelina had done multiple nose surgeries throughout the years, a jaw implant, had her bottom lip balanced out and fillers in her top lip. She also had jaw lift, Botox in the forehead and supposedly also Botox to lift the brows.

  1. Lina you are so beautiful and I wonder if you could help me: I recently saw a video of you on youtube from susan scott lookalikes, and I was just wondering if you could tell me about your hairstyle in that video? It is so beautiful and I want to be able to do this style for myself, but I can’t figure it out! I have very thick and coarse hair like you so I am hoping I can achieve the style. Can you give me tips?

  2. she is beautiful.. i dont like angelina but i like her… she should be in movies… lina i am waiting 4 ur movies or tv series

  3. Good evening Lina.
    Allow me to compliment you on your phenomenal look! You look absolutely stunning and your eyes are just breath taking.
    Next week i’ll begin filming a pilot for a Late night talk show in LA. I would like to invite you as a one of the guest stars.
    If you are interested please email me with your contact information.
    P.S. i apologize for contacting you this way, but i had no other way to get in touch with you.

  4. I like your style Lina, and despite everybody say you look like Angelina, I want to tell you that you show a great style and you’re more varied than her!
    Continues like that and you’ll arrive at the top.
    I wish you all the best for your future (:
    Alex from switzerland.

  5. Lina, creo que eres la mujer mas bella que he visto en este mundo!!!!! I’m sure you’ll have no trouble working as an Angie look-alike, however, when I look at some of your pictures I see more than just a look-alike. I see you, someone unique. Don’t forget that before Angelina Jolie was Angelina Jolie she was just a girl…that looked just like you =) You’re destined for greatness. Wish you the best of luck on your path!

  6. beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful
    good hair good hair good hair good hair good hair good hair good hair ,

    and no english

  7. You would make an excellent double or rival in an Angelina Jolie movie, has it been proposed?
    Also, what about playing a new modern version of “Wonder Woman”??? You should look into that & audition ASAP!!
    You’re very beautiful Lina, God Bless.
    Suerte en tu carera!!

  8. Lina, best of luck! You didn’t need years of scandals and tons of make-up artists as Angelina.. you’ve got the looks in genes, hopefully you’ll have the skills, too! 🙂 Good luck in everything you do, hope to see you someday, somewhere!

  9. i think that Lina is more beautiful on youtube than in this pic.
    You’ve got such a beautiful face!
    I look like angelina jolie too.
    But i’m not an actress, i’m a body artist.

  10. i really dont know what to comment on but i just want to say that you shouldn’t base your whole career on being “Angelina Jolie’s look alike”. Live your own life make your own career and shake off that tag. with all that said i think you’re the most beautiful model ive ever seen:) and i’m NOT saying that cos u look like Angelina, you’re (obviously) a million times more beautiful.

  11. .. on top of all: great personality ! ..
    .. stay away from the united nations (and their agenda 21)
    Nice to meet you !
    (no fan of Jolie.. therefor nice to see you)

  12. Like what Mark said, I think the world will be very interested in what she has to offer. Hope she keeps it classy and makes it count~
    Con los mejores deseos-

  13. From the small amount of media freely available and connected to her, I would say she comes across as a gorgeous, kind and open hearted young girl. I do however wish that she conveyed a stronger presence and persona related more to what makes her unique then to her apparent physical similarities to some other A lister. I’ll keep my eyes out and hope to see ‘Lina’ continue to be involved in whatever brings her happiness.

  14. Angelina Jolie we see today is the end product of many procedures and not her natural look. This young woman has a natural beauty that surpasses the real Angelina although she does share many structural similiarities such as her teeth, and her hands. Could she be Angelina’s long lost daughter? How old is Lena?

  15. I look a LOT like Brad Pit, or should I say he looks like me, I think I am a couple years older then him. The weird thing is I have had a LOT of different looks in the last few years, different beards and long or short hair, and Brad ALWAYS copies my style. I don’t know how this happens !?!?!

    Maybe we should get together ?

  16. Ms. Sands:

    there is no doubt you will have a career of your own and there will com a time when actesses will be trading on being a Lina Sands look alike.

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